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For the past 15 years, “Shantai Sanstha” has been working for the welfare of orphans, unaccompanied children, Below the poverty line people, widows, abandoned, and hard working, backward classes women.
Various social initiatives are being implemented for the social, economic and all-round empowerment of ordinary women.
Through the organization’s 100 Women Self Help Group, Shantai Sanstha has made “ Shantai women legal Consultancy Centre, Shantai Mahila Udyog, Shantai Gharkam Sangh, and Shantai Bachat Mahasangh. Shantai is working for economic and social change.
Shantai Sanstha to raise awareness of orphans, children and widows, abandoned laborers and women through social commitment.
Ruining Project.
In Yerwada Pandu Laman Vasti, In this area because of bad infrastructure, filthy conditions, staggering poverty; adults living in these conditions will undoubtedly experience poor health outcomes. But children who grow up under these conditions suffer a dual burden, as they have yet to fully develop physically and mentally. Some children in this area are orphans, unaccompanied children and below the poverty line who are taking education in corporation schools.
To develop sports culture in the children of this slum, Shantai sanstha has started Shantai sports culb in this area and to attract the children Shantai Sanstha is providing every day nutrition breakfast to 160 children and taking sports, skill development and other activities with the help of 20 volunteers.
Now we are planning to start tuition classes for English, Mathematics and Science, Meditation yoga class, personality development class, educational and historical trips/outing for children age groupwise 3-5 years, 5-7 Years 7-10 years and 10-15 years.

75 Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

Hunger is a very problem that most often affects low-income families,because living in poverty means that people are often going without basic needs such as food, clothing,and adequate shelter.




The relationship that ensued , and SHANTAISANSTA ongoing commitment to providing opportunities for street children , led to the creation of SHANTAISANSTA next program . In order to address the prevailing lack of education among children in the Waghri slum , SHANTAISANSTA developed an Education Outreach Program to enroll children in school , support their educations , and provide the tools for them to stay off the streets and continue their studies . The Education Outreach Program serves 300 children daily , providing meals , uniforms , transportation , school supplies, and after school tutoring to make sure that the children have all of the necessary tools to succeed . In the 4 short years since this program’s inception , the program has grown enormously and we are working to ensure sustainable growth throughout the next five years.http://shantaisansta.com/donation-for-shantaisansta/ please donate one time 500 /-.



Eye camp is the most effective way of providing eye care service to a large number of people in a short time. We identify a large number of cataract patients through these eye camps. It is completely free for patients. We conduct eye camps with the cooperation of local administration, union parishad and educational institutions.

In 2022 a total 4 eye camps were held in different Area of Pune. In these eye camps 3200 patients were screened, 2200 imported chasma spectacles were distributed and . From these eye camps 1000 eye surgery patients were identified and later operated through our partner hospitals. Shantai-sansta provided different services in the eye camps by expert eye doctors. In these eye camps basic services were provided such as screening and correcting refractive errors by providing eye glasses, providing medicines to address allergy and other eye conditions, identification of cataract and other surgical cases.

Eye camp list—-

  1. Navi- khadki yerwada,pune (22-09-2022)
  2. Phule nagar yerwada,pune (01-10-2022)
  3. Pandu laman vasti , yerwada (02-10-2022)
  4. Dhole patil (05-10-2022)